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KOVE Products

Kove Bearing is committing to R&D and producing ceramic bearings, special engineering plastic bearing, stainless steel bearing, bearing steel bearing.

  • KOVE-Full ceramic bearing

  • KOVE-Industrial plastic bearing

  • KOVE-Conductive/antistatic roller, gear, universal ball

  • KOVE-Stainless steel 440/S304/S316L bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearings

  • KOVE-Ceramic ball

  • KOVE-Ceramic structure

Welcome to KOVE bearing

Founded in 2005, Haining Kewei Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Haining, a world-famous tidal Resort and the leather capital of China. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of high-precision special bearings. Its products cover both standard and non-standard materials, including engineering plastics, ceramics, stainless steel and bearing steel. Its products are widely used in petroleum Chemical industry, electronics, textile, food, medical treatment, navigation, aerospace and other fields.

The company has established a research and development center, with more than 160 sets / sets of various processing equipment, and the introduction of precision processing equipment from Beijing Jingdiao and South Korea Doushan. It can produce 600000 ceramic bearings / structural parts, 2 million plastic bearings / structural parts and 10 million stainless steel bearings / steel bearings / structural parts per year.